Wolfrace Lugano - Lugano is a striking turbine design with ten perfectly sculpted blades and finished in gloss black with a polished surface.
Please note - the Lugano is not a directional wheel.

Fitments Available:

6.5X16 | 4X100 | Max Load 615KG

6.5X16 | 4X100 | Max Load 635KG

7.5X16 | 5X112 | Max Load 710KG

7.5X16 | 5X114.3 | Max Load 710KG

7.5X17 | 5X100 | Max Load 615KG

7.5X17 | 5X112 | Max Load 710KG

7.5X17 | 5X114.3 | Max Load 710KG

7.5X17 | 5X120 | Max Load 710KG

8.0X18 | Max Load 710KG

8.5X19 | 5X112 | Max Load 735KG

8.5X19 | 5X120 | Max Load 450KG

Stud Patterns:






Colours Available:

Gloss Black Polished

Sterling Silver

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Wolfrace Lugano

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Tags: Wolfrace, Lugano, Alloy Wheels

Tags: Wolfrace, Lugano, Alloy Wheels